Frequently Asked Questions

What is EzReorder.com?
EzReorder.com is a reorder web site used by professional photographers.
How does EzReorder.com work?
Individuals are directed to the EzReorder.com web site from an insert card found in the envelopes used to deliver photographs that were ordered from a professional photographer. A unique access code has been provided with the delivered photographs, which can be found in one of two possible locations. The code may be printed on a label attached to the picture envelope, or possibly has been printed directly on the insert card. Access to the web site will allow individuals to place orders for additional products, or communicate with the photographer regarding questions concerning the photographs that were delivered.
Why is my child’s image on the EzReroder.com web site?
Your child had their picture taking by a professional photographer. This photographer has chosen to use the EzReorder.com web site to manage Reorders and Order Questions.
Is my child’s image private for only me to view?
Yes! The only people that can view the image’s on the web site, are individuals that know the access code. Every image on EzReorder.com has a unique access code, therefore only the image linked to the access code will be shown when the access is granted.
Do I have to sign in to purchase additional products?
Yes. An account must be created to place product orders. There are several advantages in having an account. You can link many EzReorder.com access numbers to one account, in the event that several children from one family have been given access numbers. Orders from each of these images can be placed as one order. In addition, an account on EzReorder.com will allow for order tracking, direct communication with the photographer and access to order history.
What if I lose the Access code?
Contact your professional photographer who can access the code for you.
How do I pay for additional photographic products?
You will be required to purchase using a Credit Card. The shopping experience is very similar to many on-line shopping cart type web sites. After adding the desired products to the shopping cart and reviewing the total cost of the shopping cart items, you will be directed to a secure web site where you will enter your credit card information.

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